Wedding Information

​​We reproduce your wedding exactly as it was.   The entire wedding ceremony nothing left out.

Every couple needs their wedding recorded, because you can not relive that day ever again, or remember everyone and every emotion that happens on your special day.  Also , we capture special moments that may never have been seen.  Hearing and seeing love ones  can not be captured in a photo.


  We attend the rehearsal  to familiar ourselves to the wedding venue and the ceremony and also to get acquainted with the bridal party.  


Pre-Wedding  consist of Bride arriving and getting ready.  Guest arriving and being seated.  


Wedding ceremony is completely recorded with the use of three cameras. This enables us to captures closeups of  reciting  their vows,  ring exchange,   and the attending guest.  A wireless mic is on the Groom to clearly record the vows.


After wedding we capture Bride and Groom greeting guest and leaving.  


Our Wedding highlight is  unique to All Occasion Video it consists of special romantic looks between the couple  set to the couples special song.







Entire Wedding Ceremony 

Bride getting ready


Guest arriving 

After wedding

Greeting guest

Couple leaving

Highlight of Wedding couple

Wedding Only  $ 650

Three copies with padded album cover


Three flash drives